A Younkin Production: "Identity Thief"


Movie Review: "Identity Thief" -

Let’s be honest. There aren’t a lot of people who look like Melissa McCarthy headlining movies today. Neither can I think of many female comedians who have successfully turned into actresses either. So this is a game changing year for McCarthy, who has another movie with Sandra Bullock coming out this summer, but a couple minutes into “Identity Thief” and you know that were off to a rocky start. She plays Diana, a Florida con artist who has just ripped of mild-mannered Colorado accountant Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) for a large sum of money. The family man soon realizes that he will have to track her down himself or she will ruin his life and that’s what starts a mostly unfunny road trip movie where gun-wielding thugs (TI, Genesis Rodriguez) and a bounty hunter (Robert Patrick) chase the two from Florida to Colorado.

McCarthy is trying the hardest here, at times too much so. She has a wild energy, a willingness to get hit with nearly everything from a guitar to a car, and wears a large amount of make-up. You also can’t blame Bateman much. The guy’s movie career hasn’t been great but he’s an excellent straight man with near perfect reactions to the absurdity around him. The real problem is that Craig Mazin’s screenplay is witless in every respect, trying to wring lame jokes out of “Sandy is a girls name” and dumb genital humor, and forge comedy and chemistry by making Diana both shameless and sympathetic at the same time. It doesn’t work. Director Seth Gordon, who worked with Bateman on the flawed, but still way better than this “Horrible Bosses”, tries for a few silly moments (Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet as sexually frisky cowboy is a highlight) but mostly "Identity Thief" turns into alot of commotion and not much pay-off.