Rhys Ifans shocked by Spider-Man casting

June 26th, 2012

Rhys Ifans ''never expected'' to be cast in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

The Welsh actor plays the role of The Lizard in the re-boot of the popular film franchise - opposite Andrew Garfield as the titular hero - and he admits he felt he had to audition because of how big it could be.

He said: ''Well I was being invited to make this. This is the story of any actor's life. You go for 100 auditions a month and very few of them come to fruition. But with 'Spider-Man', you think, 'Oh yeah, I'm familiar with that franchise! I think I better go for this one!'

''So off I went, not expecting - I never expect to get a gig - and you weren't sent a script because it was all very secretive.''

Rhys had to use a lot of CGI technology to get into character, and he admits it felt like he was going ''clubbing''.

He told TotalFilm.com: ''I was participant in a technology I have absolutely no understanding of, but a willing participant. This was crazy, 'Why am I sitting in a room with these blue lights, with a million dots on my face?' It was like going clubbing or something!''