Rhys Ifans: Spider-Man is a generation spokesperson

June 25th, 2012

Rhys Ifans thinks Spider-Man is the spokesperson for a generation.

The Welsh actor plays Dr. Curt Connors/ The Lizard in new movie 'The Amazing Spider-Man', and the 44-year-old star can understand why numerous reboots and remakes of the franchise have been made.

He explained: ''Why make another 'Spider-Man'? Why another reboot? If you go to the theatre in London or anywhere in the world you will see a 'Hamlet' every year, and the reason we revisit these plays is because they speak for a generation, and it was five or six years since the last 'Spider-Man'. The world is in rapid flux and a generation needs a spokesman.''

Rhys believes the latest incarnation of the character - who is played by Andrew Garfield - is very believable, particularly when compared with other comic book heroes.

He added: ''I wouldn't call this a darker Spider-Man, I just think he's more real.

''As far as I know, Spider-Man is the only superhero who isn't from a crazy planet made out of jewellery in outer space or a millionaire who chooses to live in a cave and likes S&M.''