Stephen Merchant faced naked autograph hunter

April 25th, 2011

Stephen Merchant was once asked for an autograph by a naked man.

The 'Hall Pass' actor says people often recognise him and ask for his signature but one of his most unusual experiences was when a "fully nude" fan approached him in the gym and he ended up face-to-face with his genitalia.

Stephen - who first found fame because of his work with Ricky Gervais on 'The Office' and his role in comedy series 'Extras' - told FHM magazine: "I was once in the gym and a fully nude man asked me for an autograph. I was sitting down at the time, so I had to make casual chitchat while his c*ck and balls were bobbing about in my face."

The actor accepts his 6ft 7ins frame means he is easily recognised, especially at events where there are crowds of people.

He explained: "When I go to music festivals, that's when I run into a Stephen-loving demographic. I like to be down at the front, so I'm quite visible and being tall doesn't help.

"It's only certain areas at certain times that can be bad - like in the centre of town on a Friday night. Then, drunken office workers are drawn to me."