Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

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September 9th, 2013

Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

"Riddick" led the box office during the weekend of September 6. The sci-fi film earned $18,673,000. Vin Diesel reprises his role as the ruthless and formidable Riddick. After his enemies leave him for dead on an unfriendly planet, Riddick has to figure out to survive the hostile and nearly fatal conditions. Once he has regained his strength, he plans to seek vengeance against those who attempted to take his life. "Riddick" has an R rating for strong violence, language, nudity, and mature content.

Continuing Films

"Lee Daniels' The Butler" continued to perform well at the box office, bringing in $8,900,000. Total earnings equal more than $91 million. After he becomes a butler at the White House, Cecil Gaines has a chance to work with some of the most powerful people in the country. However, at home, his family life faces challenges and problems. Throughout the years, Cecil has to find peace in the face of social injustices and upheaval. The movie has a PG-13 rating for thematic material, smoking, language, mature content, disturbing images, and violence.

"We're the Millers" saw weekend profits of $7,925,000. The comedy has earned over $123 million in total. David has one chance to impress his demanding boss. Unfortunately for David, his boss expects him to smuggle drugs past the authorities. Realizing that he needs an innocent front to avoid suspicion, David hires a ragtag group to pose as his family. Soon, though, the fake family ends up in deep trouble. The film's R rating is due to drug content, crude mature content, brief graphic nudity, and pervasive language.

"Planes" earned $4,274,000 over the weekend, bringing total profits to more than $79 million. Dusty Crophopper dreams of competing in the Wings Around the Globe race. First, he has to overcome one big obstacle. The little airplane needs to get over his major fear of heights. Although some of his pals make fun of his dreams, Dusty recruits friends to help him achieve his big goal. The family-friendly PG rating is due to rude humor and mild action.

"One Direction: This is Us" brought in $4,100,000. Since its opening, the movie has earned more than $23 million overall. Fans of the band One Direction can enjoy an exclusive peek into the everyday backstage lives of Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis. Directed by Morgan Spurlock, the heartfelt documentary follows the band as they tour and get ready for their concerts. The movie also traces the band's amazing rise to fame. The PG rating is due to some mild language.

"Elysium" earned $3,100,000 during the weekend of September 6. The film has earned more than $85 million in total. In the future, the human race falls into two extreme camps. While most of humanity battles for scarce and dwindling resources on a ruined planet, the wealthy enjoy an idyllic life on a space station with all the luxuries imaginable. Although the space station is heavily guarded, one desperate man decides to break in. "Elysium" has an R rating for strong bloody violence and language.

Movies to DVD

"Star Trek Into Darkness" arrives out DVD on Tuesday, September 10. With the Starfleet facing devastating attacks, Captain Kirk volunteers to guide his crew on a dangerous mission to track down the mastermind behind the attacks. What Kirk and his loyal crew discover is a web of lies, treachery, and secrets that go far deeper than any of them could ever have anticipated. "Star Trek Into Darkness" has a PG-13 rating for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence.

"Peeples" is a romantic comedy about the stress and challenges of meeting future in-laws. Wade wants nothing more than to ask for Grace's hand in marriage. But when he shows up uninvited at Grace's family gathering, he instantly starts alienating and aggravating her family members. Wade will have to overcome bad first impressions. "Peeples" has a PG-13 rating for mature language, drug material, and language.

"Love Is All You Need" stars Pierce Brosnan. Ida has faced many challenges in life, but the worst blow comes when she learns that her husband is unfaithful. Determined to pick up the pieces of her life, Ida meets a handsome man at her daughter's wedding. He revives her belief in a happy ending, but not without challenges. The film's R rating is due to brief mature content, nudity, and some language.

"Wish You Were Here" is a tense Australian thriller about two couples who decide to let loose and enjoy a good time in Cambodia. When the dust settles from their partying, however, they realize that one of the women has vanished. As they search for their missing comrade, the friends uncover some unsettling secrets and disturbing realities. Some mature content, violence, language, and drug content contribute to an R rating.

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