New Release Weekend Preview!

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September 5th, 2013

New Release Weekend Preview!

"Riddick" arrives in theaters on Friday, September 6. David Twohy directs the sci-fi thriller, which sees Vin Diesel return to his role as the ruthless Riddick. When those who wish him harm abandon Riddick on a hostile planet, he has to fight for his very existence. Instead of succumbing to the dangers of this unfamiliar world, Riddick slowly builds his strength, devising a plot for revenge. The R rating is due to strong violence, language, nudity, and mature content.

"Salinger" arrives out in select theaters on September 6. Known for "The Catcher in the Rye," J.D. Salinger was one of the foremost American writers of his day. But despite his iconic works, the author was reclusive. Director Shane Salerno gathers inside sources and unseen footage, painting a rich portrait of the mysterious and talented writer. Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Cusack, and other celebrities speak out in the film. The documentary has a PG-13 rating for disturbing war images, smoking, and thematic elements.

"Touchy Feely" is a new film from director Lynn Shelton. Abby and Paul may be siblings, but they could not be less alike. Abby is a massage therapist who revels in deep connections with her clients, while Paul is a hands-off and professional dentist. After their roles are suddenly, inexplicably reversed, Abby is unable to enjoy touch, while Paul's business booms. The two come to important realizations about their identities. Language, drug use, and some mature content contribute to an R rating.
"Adore" focuses on the relationship between Lil and Roz, two lifelong friends. They don't think it's possible to be any closer to each other, especially after their grown sons form a strong friendship. When Lil and Roz realize that their four-person friendship is taking an unusual form, they have to decide how far they will go. The movie's R rating is due to language and mature content. Anne Fontaine directs.

"The Ultimate Life" follows Jason after the events in "The Ultimate Gift" (2006). Now a billionaire, Jason is still struggling to honor the important lessons he learned. He faces many new challenges, especially when it comes to Alexis, the love of his life. When he starts reading a journal his grandfather left behind, Jason once again must reconsider his priorities. The film has a PG rating for mild thematic elements and a brief battle scene. Michael Landon Jr. directs.

"Good Ol' Freda" is a heartwarming documentary that shines an intimate light on one of the most iconic bands of all time. Before The Beatles were famous, they hired Freda Kelly to work as their secretary. Freda would continue to work with them for the next decade, getting to know George, Paul, Ringo, and John as friends as well as music legends. Freda finally tells her many stories, revealing a whole different side of the four men who changed music. The film's PG rating is due to smoking and thematic materials. Ryan White directs.

"Winnie Mandela" is a biographical film about Winnie, the wife of Nelson Mandela. Throughout her life, Winnie dedicates herself to fighting against injustice and trying to make the world a better place. When her husband, Nelson, faces imprisonment, Winnie has to deal with her own battles at home. Without allies or friends, she must find her own inner courage in the face of serious adversity. "Winnie Mandela" has an R rating for violence and language.

Continuing Films
"Lee Daniels' The Butler" stars Forest Whittaker as Cecil Gaines, a man who has seen racial tensions up close. Cecil accepts a job as a butler at the White House, which allows him to watch national changes from a personal perspective. As the world transforms, Cecil finds it increasingly difficult to .overlook racism in his community. "Lee Daniels' The Butler" has a PG-13 rating for violence, disturbing images, mature content, language, smoking, and thematic elements. Lee Daniels directs.

"One Direction: This Is Us" is Morgan Spurlock's documentary about one of today's most well-known boy bands. The film traces the band members' beginnings, all the way to their big break on a TV show. During this evolution from ordinary guys to superstars, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis grow as artists and as pop stars. The movie gives old fans and new a glimpse behind the curtain. The PG rating is due to mild language.

"We're the Millers" is an irreverent comedy from Rawson Marshall Thurber. Rose is a stripper. Casey is a runaway. Kenny is a geeky teenager. While these strangers seem to have nothing in common, drug-peddling David hires the three to pose as his family during a daring smuggling job. All the wholesomeness in the world may not save the family from the authorities. Crude mature content, pervasive language, graphic nudity, and drug content contribute to an R rating.