Taylor Kitsch wants Wolverine cameo

April 13th, 2012

Taylor Kitsch would love a cameo in the forthcoming 'Wolverine' movie.

The actor played the role of Gambit in the first movie 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' in 2009, and with filming on the follow-up starring Hugh Jackman due to start soon, Taylor admits he would jump at the chance to play even a small role.

He said: ''I know Hugh Jackman's doing 'The Wolverine' soon, so I'm not planting a seed in any way, but if he called me and wanted me to do a cameo in it or something, I'd do it. It's that simple. But I haven't been approached by anyone.''

Now Taylor can be seen in 'Battleship' - starring Rihanna in her first movie role - and he admits he loved shooting parts of the action adventure on the American battleship USS Missouri.

He added to DenOfGeek.com: ''It was really fun to go to work on any day on the USS Missouri. And, you know, a live setting's the best setting. We can work on these ships and this incredible history that they have, it's awesome.''