Ben Stiller: 'Little Fockers based on reality'

December 22nd, 2010

Ben Stiller's 'Little Fockers' is based on his own experience of family.

The comedy movie - which sees Ben revive his character, male nurse Greg Focker, for third in the 'Meet the Parents' series - tells the tale of family patriarch Jack Bynes (Robert De Niro) testing out his son-in-law's worthiness to be the head of the family, is based on Ben's own experiences of dealing with relatives.

He said: "I feel like it definitely related to reality and we tried to take all of our experiences and have them be a part of what the story was. That's sort of like the idea of the movie; how do we tell a new story with these characters and where would they be 10 years down the road with the marriage, the kids and how that affects the marriage?"

De Niro also believes the film series is liked by cinemagoers because it is part of the "territory" that goes in in-laws.

He told "I would say that's why people like the film - I hope this one too - because of the story, the situation, the family dynamic, one family meeting another.

"It's like going into territory you have to deal with. Part of you is saying, 'Why am I here?' But you have to be there. You're with this other family and you have to deal and I think anybody can relate to that."