Mel Gibson to sign up for Machete Kills?

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Danny Trejo stars as the title character, an ex-Federale who clashes with a Mexican drug lord (Steven Seagal) and flees to Texas to work as a day laborer. Then he's tasked with assassinating an anti-immigration US senator (Robert De Niro), but right before he takes his shot, realizes he's been set up. After going on the lam, Machete vows revenge against those responsible for betraying him. Also starring Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan.
April 24th, 2012

Mel Gibson is in negotiations to star in 'Machete Kills'.

The 56-year-old actor is in talks over a supporting role in Robert Rodriguez's follow up to 2010 action movie 'Machete' - which starred Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan - that will see Danny Trejo reprise his role as blade-wielding Mexican Federale Machete Cortez.

'My Week With Marilyn' actress Michelle Williams has also been linked to the project, which Robert will juggle between directing 'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For', Deadline reports.

Speaking about 'Machete Kills', he told The Hollywood Reporter: ''Currently I am directing it, but we're checking to see if there's going to be the need for another director if I have to go off and do 'Sin City'.

''I wasn't sure what the timing on 'Sin City' was or if I would have to step off to do 'Sin City' at a certain point, depending on when 'Machete' went. But 'Machete' looks like it's going to go pretty quickly so it's possible that I will direct the whole thing.

''There's so much of it that I want to direct I'll probably end up directing the whole thing. But if I have to step off, I'm going to try and shoot all of the actors and all of the main sequences.

''But it's such a fun movie, and it just came out even more fun than I could have imagined. I feel like I really need to do it.

''It's so subjective I feel like I really need to get in there and do it. It's just a lot of fun; it's a really cool concept, and I think it takes it to another level in a way that's compelling for me to go and do it myself.''

Mel is expected to take up his role in the movie as he prepares to release 'Get The Gringo', a film he co-wrote, produced, finance and stars in the lead role.