Ben Stiller to direct Robert Downey Jr. in "Pinocchio"?

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A film crew is in Southeast Asia filming a Vietnam-war memoir. It's early in the shooting, but they're already behind schedule and over budget. On the day an accident befalls the novice director, the cast and crew are attacked by a gang of poppy-growing local drug dealers, except the cast and crew don't realize these aren't actors who are stalking them. The thugs kidnap Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller), an actor whose star seems on the decline, and it's up to the rest of the ragtag team to band together long enough to attempt his rescue. Directed, co-written and co-produced by Stiller, the hilarious comedy film also stars Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Brandon T. Jackson & Jay Baruchel.
May 3rd, 2013

Ben Stiller could be directing 'Pinocchio'.

The funnyman is in talks to step behind the camera after his close pal Robert Downey Jr. asked him to consider helming the fairytale film when Tim Burton dropped out.

When Downey Jr. was quizzed at CinemaCon about who he would like to take up the role, he suggested his 'Tropic Thunder' accomplice Stiller, and subsequently pitched the idea to him.

The 'Dodgeball' actor has now set up meetings with Warner Bros. to discuss the project, according to Deadline.

Downey Jr. - who will be playing childless wood carver Geppetto - is producing alongside his wife Susan and when they wanted to change the ''creative direction'' of the film, Burton dropped out.

With the addition of notorious joker Stiller, it seems likely the plot will move away from Burton's eerie fantasy universe and put a more comical spin on the classic tale.

'Kick Ass' screenwriter Jane Goldman has penned a first draft of the script, but other writers are allegedly being considered.

The Pinocchio story - about a wooden puppet who embarks on a series of misadventures when his wish to become a real boy is granted - was originally written by Italian Carlo Collodi in 1938, and is best remembered through the 1940 animated Disney film version