Kristen Stewart 'completely different' in Breaking Dawn

March 25th, 2011

Kristen Stewart is "completely different" in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'.

Her boyfriend Robert Pattinson - who she met while filming the first movie in the series 'Twilight' - has revealed her character Bella is not similar to her appearances in the first parts of the franchise and she is a "convincing" vampire.

He said: "I can't give too much away but there's some bits, especially towards the end of the movie, she's just like the polar opposite of any of the other films.

"I mean, she's a different person, which is cool. She looks completely different. She looks probably the most convincing vampire out of all of us.

"A lot of us look like we're just from Mars. She's kind of the smallest one, but she suits being a vampire."

He also revealed shooting for the two part final has not been too hard with paparazzi, but a forthcoming wedding scene may be slightly different.

He told USA Today: "It's been OK in Vancouver in terms of people showing up and trying to get stuff. I have a feeling the wedding is going to be the one with paparazzi parasailing in."