Rachel Weisz to star in Maps to the Stars?

November 9th, 2012

Rachel Weisz is in line to appear in 'Maps to the Stars'.

The 'Definitely, Maybe' actress is reportedly in discussions to star in David Cronenberg's follow-up film to his popular feature 'Cosmopolis', which starred Robert Pattinson, who is also reported to be returning to his role of billionaire Eric Packer.

Viggo Mortensen - who has been involved with several of David's films - has also been linked to the project.

While the trio haven't been confirmed for the movie, a source close to the film told Deadline.com Rachel is interested in starring in the movie.

Screenwriter Bruce Wagner has penned the 'Maps to the Stars' script, which has been described as a dark comic look at Hollywood life, and French producer Said Ben Said, whose recent word includes Brian De Palma's 'Passion', has joined the project.

Prospero Pictures' Martin Katz, who worked with David on 'Cosmopolis', is set to be lead producer for the feature, with Germany's Integral Films co-producing.

Earlier this year, David said he'd love for Robert and Viggo to star in a film together.

He explained: ''Viggo and I are kindred souls. We love each other in a very personal way and we keep in touch all the time.

''Rob is a lot younger but I believe him when he says that he wants to do something else with me.

''He and Viggo would be great in a movie together. They'd get along fantastically and the energy between them would be fantastic.''

Filming of 'Maps to the Stars' is due to begin in May 2013.