Uma Thurman 'uses' Robert Pattinson in new film

March 24th, 2011

Uma Thurman got to "use" Robert Pattinson in new movie 'Bel Ami'.

The 40-year-old actress - who plays Madeleine Forestier in the film - explained her character and the 'Twilight' star's alter-ego are constantly using one another to achieve their separate aims.

She explained: "Our two characters kind of come together and love each other and use each other and hurt each other."

However, Uma admitted while her 'Bel Ami' alter-ego has different goals to those of Robert's character Georges Duroy, they both go about life in the same way - working their way through influential members of the opposite sex.

Speaking to, she added: "I play this incredibly independent woman in this world of men and Robert Pattinson plays this sort of social climbing, somewhat desperate and yet powerfully intelligent young man who works his way through society via the women.

"He understands that the women are in fact very much in charge of the world and makes his passage upwards in life through the seduction of these women. My character is a woman who is in a way doing the opposite, fulfilling herself through the ability to manoeuvre through men."