Simon Pegg: Robin Williams may not have finished film

August 15th, 2014

Simon Pegg is worried Robin Williams didn't complete their movie before he died.

The 44-year-old actor thinks it would be a ''shame'' if the voice of Dennis the dog in 'Absolutely Anything' had to be re-cast because he is unsure whether Williams - who was found hanged at his home in California on Monday (11.08.14) - had recorded all of his parts.

He said: ''I'm not sure if Robin had completed his part.

''He was doing a voice in the movie - the voice of my dog - and I hope that he had completed it.

''I think it would be a shame not to have him in the film.''

And while Pegg is confident his late co-star will have done a ''brilliant'' job voicing the dog, he admitted he thinks there will now be a ''degree of sadness'' when the film is released.

He added to The Sun newspaper: ''There will obviously be a degree of sadness there, but he would have done his job with the usual sort of verve and brilliance that he did.

''So I'm sure it will be incredibly funny.''

'Absolutely Anything' - which also stars Kate Beckinsale and the voices of the 'Monty Python' cast - is scheduled for release some time next year.