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Sylvester Stallone returns as Rocky Balboa in the sixth installment of the “Rocky” franchise, “Rocky Balboa. Rocky is retired and has become an Italian restaurant owner. He is drug out of retirement to fight a boxer one third his age just to prove he can.

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2014-08-28 13:15

Rating: PG
Length: 102 minutes
Release Date: December 20, 2006
Directed by: Sylvester...

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Sylvester Stallone is preparing to appear in 'Rambo 5'. Stallone, 68, recently starred in the third instalment of the 'Expendables' franchise - in which he appeared alongside the...
Sylvester Stallone helped celebrate Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's 90th anniversary yesterday (22.01.14). The 'Rocky' movies legend was present as Leo the Lion - the symbol of the MGM...
Sylvester Stallone says he'll ''explode'' if he signs up for any more action films. The 67-year-old actor - who is famed for his role as Rocky Balboa in the boxing franchise -...
Sylvester Stallone has confirmed he is to play Rocky Balboa again in spin-off movie 'Creed'. The 67-year-old actor has revealed he will reprise his part as the courageous boxer in...

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