Anna Paquin's Scream 4 role

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Over the course of one crazy night, seven members of a close-knit group reconvene to watch two of their friends tie the knot. Laura (Katie Holmes) is maid of honor to her best friend Lila (Anna Paquin) whose marrying Tom. The atmosphere is bound to be a little tense, however, since the two women have had a long rivalry over the groom. Josh Duhamel and Malin Akerman also star in this film based on the novel by Galt Niederhoffer.
August 26th, 2010

Anna Paquin will star in 'Scream 4'.

The 'True Blood' actress will join an all-star cast for the fourth installment of the movie franchise, including Courteney Cox, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Neve Campbell and David Arquette.

According to USA Today, Kristen Bell will also make a guest appearance in the film.

Previous films in the slasher movie franchise have seen brief appearances by Drew Barrymore and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The film - which is being directed by Wes Craven - is currently shooting in Michigan ahead of an expected April 2011 release.

The fourth movie in the series is considered a reboot of the original first three movies, with new, younger characters facing the terror of Ghostface Killer.

It is expected that 'Scream 4' will lead to a second trilogy of films, with both 'Scream 5' and 'Scream 6' being considered by the studio.

As well as her work on vampire drama series 'True Blood', Anna can next be seen 'The Romantics' alongside Katie Holmes and Candice Bergen.