Ron Howard thinks he has unusual comedy

December 30th, 2010

Ron Howard says his latest comedy is unconventional because it deals with real-life pain.

The actor-turned-director thinks his movie 'The Dilemma' - which stars Vince Vaughn and Kevin James and tells the story of two friends whose relationship is tested when one sees the other's wife kissing another man- stands out because it deals with the sort of actual events people will talk about at a dinner party.

He said: "Comedies, I think, tend to get greenlit by studios when they follow very familiar formulas. I liked the idea that here was a movie we could make, it would be a studio movie, it would have comedy stars but it wasn't really following all the conventions - other than the one that, y'know, we're trying to make you laugh as much as possible while we tell the story.

"The pain in this movie is real - it's not all light-hearted farce, you know? These are real character journeys for the actors and I think they enjoyed the fact that they had some honest dramatic moments mixed in with all the high comedy."

Ron went on to give an example of how his films get people talking, when his long-time producing collaborator Brian Grazer asked him what he would do in his character's situation at a dinner party.

He explained to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "I was at a dinner party and Brian brought up that key question: what would you do, how would you handle it, if you were facing that kind of situation? It instigated a half-hour of really entertaining conversation.

"Some people got very serious, some people got kind of angry about it. In and around it were nothing but laughs and giggles - and a few red faces."

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