Michael Shannon's character sympathies

August 23rd, 2010

Michael Shannon sympathises with his killer character in his new movie.

The American actor - who stars as Brad McCullum, a theatre actor who kills his mother in Werner Herzog 's thriller 'My Son, My Son' - says that he too has a "complicated relationship" with his mother.

Asked if he sees much of himself in the character he said: "Well, it's hard to say. I have a very complicated relationship with my mother, for sure. There's been animosity, tension.

"It would never go to that extreme, because I don't believe that murder is a good way to solve problems! And also, Grace [Zabriskie, who plays Brad's mother] is so different from my own mother, and Brad is so different from me."

Michael -whose parents divorced when he was young - says that he doesn't think his character Brad is completely evil.

The 36-year-old actor explained to the Independent newspaper: "What's interesting is that I don't even think Brad dislikes his mother necessarily. I don't think he does what he does because he's mad at her or he's getting revenge. I really think it's more about playing the part in the Greek tragedy 'Elektra', and getting confused about who he is, and what is meaningful for him to do."

Michael also has upcoming roles in 'Jonah Hex' with Megan Fox, 'The Runaways' with 'Twilight's Kristen Stewart and 'Premium Rush' with Joseph Gordon- Levitt.