Daniel Bruhl 'sad' to miss watching Rush with Niki Lauda

September 6th, 2013

Daniel Bruhl was disappointed to miss out on a 'Rush' screening with Niki Lauda.

The 35-year-old actor plays the German Formula 1 star in the new biopic and he was ''very sad'' when he couldn't watch the movie when it was shown to him and his fellow drivers.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''[Director Ron Howard] called me, super excited, because they organised a screening for the drivers and the actors and Niki at the Nürburgring [racetrack], and the reactions were overwhelming.

''Lewis Hamilton, [Fernando] Alonso - everyone came over to Ron and there was a standing ovation. I was very sad to miss it.

''When he called me I said: 'What the f**k!' I wish I'd been there to see it with Niki, to watch him watch it, and see it with all those drivers.''

The movie follows the real-life rivalry between Lauda and James Hunt - played by Chris Hemsworth - and Bruhl found auditioning for the role of his fellow countryman very intimidating.

He said: ''Normally they let you rot for two weeks then they call and say: 'You were awesome but it's not you.

''Three days after the audition I was on holiday in Spain with my girlfriend and I was overtaking a truck, and she was screaming at me: 'You are not a rally driver! You are not a good driver, stay behind the truck!' And at that moment I got the call saying it was me.''