Russell Brand on 'fairytale' Arthur

February 20th, 2011

Russell Brand has compared his new movie 'Arthur' to a "fairytale".

The British actor plays drunken millionaire playboy Arthur Bach in the remake of the popular 1981 film loved working on the movie because he thinks it is first and foremost a love story.

He explained: "He's got all that money but he's not got anything to live for. Until he's accepted by the coercive proposed marriage and then by falling in love. He doesn't really have anything to achieve. It's such a lovely story because it's an archetypical fairy tale."

Russell has previously battled addiction to alcohol and drugs and he revealed producers were at pains to signify the horrors of alcoholism because attitudes have changed since the original film was made.

He explained to Total Film magazine: "In the early 80s alcoholism was considered jaunty and playful! Now it's considered a terrible disease so there's a more responsible attitude."

While Russell loved working with Gina Gerwig - who plays his love interest Linda - he admitted their romantic scenes were more toned down than those in the 1981 movie, which starred Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli.

He said: "This centres more on playfulness and mischief whereas Liza Minnelli had that edge to her, her looks, her reputation. This is perhaps a little more innocent, sweeter! More romantic perhaps. Those two were like two decadent filthy sexual animals f***ing in their own fecundity."