Russell Brand loves to improvise on set

April 27th, 2011

Working with Russell Brand is like being in an "imaginary land", according to his 'Arthur' co-star Greta Gerwig.

Russell plays the titular role in the movie - about a playboy who stands to be disinherited for getting involved with Greta's character Naomi who his family don't like - and the actress revealed she was impressed with Russell's improvisation on set.

She explained to "I love improv. I come from an improv heavy background. Working with Russell felt like stepping into an imaginative world and for it really mirrored the way Arthur and Naomi are rather playful with each other. When Russell and I worked together it felt like we were just messing about in this imaginary land and when they called cut it was so sad because we had just been riffing off each other."

Greta also revealed Russell's fans were delighted to see the actor filming on the streets of New York and claims the British star has a number of male fans.

She said: "New Yorkers were p****d off at us because New Yorkers are p****d off in general but tourists were happy to see us filming on the streets of the city because Russell has a lot of fans. A lot of teenage boys were happy to see Russell."