Jon Hamm turned down "Green Lantern"

August 10th, 2014

Jon Hamm rejected the chance to star in 'The Green Lantern'.

The 'Mad Men' actor - who portrays advertising agency creative Don Draper in the drama series - insists he isn't interested in appearing in a superhero movie because he isn't a fan of the genre, and turned down several attempts to get him take on the lead role of Hal Jordan and his titular alter ego - which eventually went to Ryan Reynolds - in the 2011 blockbuster.

He said: ''They came after me pretty hard for 'Green Lantern'. But I was like, 'Meh, that's not what I want to do.

''Never say never, but these aren't the kind of movies I like to go and see.

''They don't make the kind of movies I like to see anymore.''

Jon has also turned down the chance to work with 'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner on a movie, and also his co-star Elizabeth Moss - who plays Peggy Olsen - because he wants to move away from the advertising drama.

He told Britain's GQ magazine: ''Matthew asked me to be in his movie. Several times actually. And I politely declined because of the link. It's hard.

''I've given up opportunities to star with Lizzie because the headline writes itself, 'Don and Peggy go to Washington' or something.''