Ryan Reynolds needed Green Lantern breaks

May 19th, 2011

Ryan Reynolds needed regular breaks while filming 'Green Lantern'.

The Hollywood hunk frequently needed to take time out to rest whilst on set filming the action project, because he felt nauseous from hitting his head so many times on set.

He said: "I've had a few moments where you need to take a knee and just call for a time out.

"I've smacked my head a lot and that sucks. I'm at the point where I am just nauseous now when I hit my head and that is a weird feeling, but we are getting there."

The actor found himself "pushed to the limits" by director Martin Campbell, who he thinks can be "mentally unhinged".

He said: "We have another six hours of it so it's easy to look back and laugh now, but it's tough. The training I did for the movie was obviously doing a lot of stuff, but mostly it was functional for me so that I could make it through this with a guy like Martin Campbell who can be mentally unhinged.

"You do train for it. You definitely need to train. I mean the physicality of it is intense. I know a lot of actors yak about this ad nauseam, but it is on a movie like this.

"Especially with Martin who likes it fast, ugly, brutal, and real. So he is pushing people to the limits and it is tough, you know?"