Arnold Schwarzenegger's career success

March 31st, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger puts his success down to never taking ''no'' for an answer.

The 66-year-old hunk was awarded the Action Hero of a Lifetime accolade at the Jameson Empire Awards which took place at London's Grosvenor House last night (30.03.14) to honour his performances in numerous action films including 'True Lies', 'The Terminator' series and 'Total Recall'.

Although he was initially told he wouldn't make it in the movie business he insists his stubborn attitude has helped him shape his career.

In his acceptance speech, he said: ''My advice is never take no for an answer.

''I was told I'd never get into bodybuilding. I was told I'd never make it in the movie business. They said I was too big, they said it wouldn't work with my accent. I never listened to them, and I went on to have a successful career.''

Using a line from 'The Terminator', where he plays the titular character, he said: ''So never take no for an answer. So thank you, and I'll be back.''

Schwarzenegger recently revealed he's ''really looking forward'' to working on the 'Terminator: Genesis', where he will reprise the role he first played in 1984's 'The Terminator', after he was forced to step down from participating in the franchise while he was the Governor of California between 2003 - 2011.

He said: ''I'm really looking forward to that because as you know, the last time when they did 'The Terminator' it was when I was governor and so I couldn't be in that movie, but now I'm back again and they are very excited about having me in the film.

''The script is fantastic, so I'm really looking forward to this film.''

Schwarzenegger will next hit the big screen in 'Sabotage' as John 'Breacher' Wharton.