Sam Worthington had no acting ambition

October 2nd, 2011

Sam Worthington got into acting school because it didn't interest him.

The 'Avatar' star - whose latest role sees him play a Mossad agent in 'The Debt' - always dreamt of being a sportsman but he accidentally ended up in his current profession when he successfully auditioned for Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art to give "moral support" to his girlfriend at the time, who was rejected from the training centre.

He said: "I'd just screwed someone's dream; it wasn't going to last.

"I was 19, had travelled all around Australia and was ready to be locked in that place for three years. I'd never thought about acting and, in hindsight, that fearlessness was what the school enjoyed."

Sam only stars in movies he would go and watch himself, admitting he would never turn his nose up at a low-budget film because his participation is still the same.

He added: "I think my agents have a grand plan but I have final say, so... People keep saying these are smaller movies. Yeah, the budgets are smaller, but my job doesn't really change, which is to strive for truth in imaginary circumstances. That's it. These are not design choices.

"I've always said it; you do movies that you'd want to go and see and I don't really care if they're $200m or $2m."