Sam Worthington joins The Riders

August 31st, 2012

Sam Worthington has signed up to star in rescue drama 'The Riders'.

The 'Avatar' actor will star alongside Timothy Spall and Charles Dance in the Robert Connolly-directed movie about a husband whose wife goes missing in unusual circumstances.

The man, played by Sam, travels with his wife through Europe for two years before setting up home in Ireland.

However, problems arise when his wife returns to Australia to get there belongings and flies back to Ireland with her daughter - and when Sam's character goes to fetch them, he finds just his child at the airport.

Michael Hirst, Francesca Brill and Susie Brooks-Smith have written the film, an adaptation from Tim Winton's novel.

It is due to shoot in 2013 ahead of a release the following year.

Australian actor Sam was last seen in 'Wrath of the Titans' playing Perseus, and has a number of projects coming up including 'Drift', 'Thunder Run' and the 'Avatar' sequel.