Sam Worthington's Ledge tears

January 26th, 2012

Sam Worthington nearly ''burst into tears'' when he began shooting 'Man on a Ledge'.

The 'Avatar' actor plays the leading role of a man who is threatening to leap from a roof in the Asger Leth-directed film, and he admits he struggled when he first had to stand at a vertiginous height to shoot initial scenes.

He said: '' What you see in the movie - me stepping out - we just rolled the camera. I said, 'Just roll it. Let's see what happens.' I'm lucky I didn't burst into tears.

''It would have been a different character choice, but I think it was a smart way of just presenting me getting out there, rather than having to act it.''

After filming that scene, Sam found he was able to go out on to the ledge more than he had anticipated.

He added to ''I think the challenge of the movie was we didn't know how much we could actually do on the ledge, so when I got out there and suddenly got comfortable, the camera crew got more ambitious, and we started to think we could film a majority of it actually out there.''