Sandra Bullock: "Gravity made me want to scream"

November 7th, 2013

Sandra Bullock says filming 'Gravity' made her scream inside.

The actress has admitted shooting Alfonso Cuarón's space disaster thriller left her feeling extremely ''uncomfortable'', but she was able to channel her discomfort into making her astronaut character more believable.

The demanding technical constraints of the shoot meant that Bullock spent days filming alone in confined spaces, which she initially resented.

She explained to Digital Spy: ''The technical aspects and all the quiet and being told where to start and where to finish, all those things just made you scream inside. After a while you think, I'm uncomfortable so I'll use that, I'm in pain so I'll use that, I'm alone so I'll use that.

''It gave me a lot of tools that I didn't think would be valuable. And you realised how lucky we were to have that atmosphere.''

The 49-year-old actress - who stars opposite Hollywood heavyweight George Clooney - is proud that 'Avatar' helmer James Cameron branded the film the best space movie he's ever seen.

She enthused: ''He would know. He pioneered the recent technology that broke things open for everyone. It's a testament to everyone who was involved in this film.

''But having it come from Cameron, who's always pushing the envelope in that field, is pretty sweet validation.''