Sandra Bullock make-up free in Gravity

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Medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone is on her first Space Shuttle mission accompanied by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky, who is commanding his final expedition. During a spacewalk, debris from a satellite crashes into the space shuttle Explorer, leaving it mostly destroyed, and stranding them in space with limited air.
January 4th, 2012

Sandra Bullock will be completely make-up free in 'Gravity'.

The Oscar-winning actress plays the role of a female astronaut trying to get back to Earth after her space station blows up in orbit in the Alfonso Cuaron-directed 3-D project, and although she is nervous about what she will look like, she believes it is a "brilliant move".

She said: "God help us all when my face comes rushing at you with no make-up on. I'm going to say sorry now, but Alfonso, in a brilliant move, said, 'No make-up'."

However, neither she nor her co-star George Clooney were enamoured at the idea of being seen close up completely uncovered because the film used will show "everything".

She added: "Our vain little heads are going to be some massive 17-foot image. You are going to see details because it's shot on this digital film that shows everything.

"It's so scary. There are scenes when you say, 'This is where you have to let go and let God.' And thank God, there are no nude scenes."

Both Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman were offered the lead role in the film before Sandra took it on.

'Gravity' is set to come out in cinemas in November 2012.