Mark Wahlberg felt 'ridiculous' filming Ted

June 29th, 2012

Mark Wahlberg felt ''ridiculous'' filming the fight scene in his new film 'Ted'.

The 41-year-old actor - who plays a man whose teddy bear comes to life in Seth MacFarlane's cheeky comedy - has confessed he felt ''ridiculous'' and ''silly'' filming the key fight scene with a stuffed bear.

He told MTV: ''We choreographed it, but you're just in there flailing away at yourself. He's [Seth] like, 'OK, now he kicks you in the balls and now he does this.' I felt pretty silly.''

The scene in question took three days to film and saw Mark wrestling with empty space or a prop until the bad-tempered, beer-guzzling teddy could be edited using CGI.

Despite Mark's reservations, director and 'Family Guy' creator Seth was thrilled with the result.

He said: ''If you look at the raw footage, Mark's just going like this [strangling himself] with a pair of [teddy] bear arms attached to nothing.

''It gives you a sense of how good he is and how much he was able to sell the fact that he's fighting this imaginary character, because it really came together very well, I think.''