Mark Wahlberg loved Seth MacFarlane's humour in Ted

June 25th, 2012

Mark Wahlberg thinks 'Ted' director Seth MacFarlane is the ''funniest m********er'' he's ever met.

'The Bourne Identity' star - who plays a grown man whose teddy bear comes to life when he is younger and never leaves his side in the upcoming comedy - thinks the 'Family Guy' creator's sense of humour is unparalleled and his co-star Mila Kunis agrees.

The 28-year-old beauty, who plays Mark's on-screen girlfriend Lori, told ''Over the years, from 'Family Guy' to 'Ted', I think that Seth's humor is incredibly socially relevant. It's not humour for the sake of being humorous. And I think that there's a certain linear story to his humour. It's very consistent and it's smart.

''Also, all of his humour is rooted in truth and honesty. From 'Family Guy's flashbacks... to the fact that there's a movie coming out about a talking teddy bear that nobody seems to be questioning, it's all rooted in truth. It's very grounded humour. Nowadays, it's very rare to get that.''

Mark quipped: ''I was just going to say that he's the funniest m********er I've ever met.''

Seth MacFarlane is famed for his quirky humour showcased in cartoons like 'Dexter's Laboratory' and 'American Dad!', but 'Ted' is his first time directing and producing for the big screen.

The funnyman claims the movie - which uses CGI to bring grouchy beer-slugging teddy Ted to life - is compared with 'Ghostbusters' because he was able to get away with the fantastical aspects of the story.

He explained: ''The comparison I always make is to 'Ghostbusters', as weird as that is. To me, one of the reasons that movie worked was that you had this ridiculous fantastical element to the story, but it was set against, not just a realistic city, but a city we all know.

''It grounded everything and earned you the rest of the stuff. That was kind of what I wanted this movie to feel like. You have a talking bear, so the rest of the movie should be as real and grounded as possible to earn that. ''