Seth Rogen finds fun in films

November 23rd, 2011

Seth Rogen always sees comedy in the movies he is pitched.

The 'Knocked Up' actor overcame the depressing nature of his latest film '50/50' - which is based on the real life story of his friend Will Reiser, who plays himself, about the time he was diagnosed with cancer and given a 50 per cent chance of survival - by putting a humorous spin on the motion picture.

He explained: "I guess when you work in comedy it comes naturally to you. Like whenever anyone gives me an idea for a movie, I think it's a comedy and it's just not, like, 'We've got this idea where a guy gets hit by a car and has his leg cut off.' 'That sounds hilarious!' 'It's not meant to be funny at all!' To me you either inherently see things as funny or not."

The 29-year-old star - who also produced the movie - thought it was "strange" nobody has ever made such a comical and upbeat movie about a cancer sufferer, but his main goal for the film was making it the most natural project he'd ever carried out in his career.

He added to website DIY: "The fact that he had cancer, and we were at a bar, trying to hit on girls, that was just something we'd never seen in movies before. It was strange to us that no one had tried to do this.

"Our whole goal was to make it feel natural and real, and more than any movie I've done, naturalism was what carried us through here. It had to feel like a conversation you could hear next to you in the coffee shop.

"It had to feel like that, because it's about something that's so touchy that if it's overly artificial, that's not good. We say, this is the point of what we want you to say, but if it feels artificial, just change it."