Jennifer Coolidge's Stifler frustration

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August 11th, 2010

Jennifer Coolidge gets annoyed at always being 'Stifler's mom' from 'American Pie'.

The buxom actress - best known for her role as the sexy mother in the teenage comedy movie - admits the fame the role has bought to her life can get on her nerves on occasions.

She said: "There's no private time. It gets tiring.

"Some people are really nice about it. I get Saudi princes and famous people stopping me in LA and saying, 'You're Stifler's mom, can I take a picture with you?' But then you get people putting their camera in your face without asking. They think they can do whatever they like."

Despite a career made in comedy roles - including parts in 'Legally Blonde' and 'Sex and the City' - Boston-born Coolidge confesses she didn't initially want to specialize in funny characters.

She told the Scotsman newspaper: "I was trying to be a dramatic actress forever. I was living in New York, working in Canastel's restaurant on 19th and Park.

"I was the cocktail waitress and Sandra Bullock was the host and this guy came in and persuaded me to try improv with Gotham City Improv. I was terrible, the worst improviser that ever lived. But then doors opened for me in the comedy world."