Sharon Stone to play Pixie Lott's mother

July 21st, 2010

Sharon Stone has signed on for a role in 'Sweet Baby Jesus'.

The 'Basic Instinct' actress will play Darlene in the movie - the mother of the main star Pixie Lott, who plays Mary in the Peter Hewitt-directed comedy project, reports.

The film tells the tale of pregnant Mary, who moves back to Bethlehem in Maryland with her older boyfriend Joseph.

When it is discovered he is not the father of the child, rumours begin circling she is about to give birth to the second Messiah.

Sharon is the latest in a number of big names connected to the movie, and replaces 'Sex and the City' actress Kim Cattrall in the role of the mother.

Bette Midler is set to play the role of the innkeeper, while Adrien Brody is currently in negotiations to play Joseph.

Steve Blair has written the screenplay for the movie, which is due to begin filming in September ahead of a release in 2011.