Mia Goth says sex scenes came naturally

February 23rd, 2014

Mia Goth says her 'Nymphomaniac' sex scenes came ''naturally''.

The 19-year-old actress - who plays P opposite real-life boyfriend Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte Gainsbourg in Lars Von Trier's controversial new movie - immersed herself in the character so never worried about any of the raunchy scenes she had to shoot in her debut role.

She told ID magazine: ''I knew I had to give myself to it, but I'm a rookie - I'd never done this before. I decided to be P. Any situation I was in, I'd imagine what would P do. Throughout the whole of 'Nymphomaniac', and even now, P never died. I became her.

''P had never known love, so she mistakes everything for sexual love. I was very deep into that character, so the sex scenes came naturally. It helped that Charlotte's a girl, so we both knew what we were doing.''

Despite the raunchy subject matter, Mia insists she would have done ''anything'' the director asked of her.

She said: ''I was like a little kid [on set]. But I just felt so hungry. I would have done anything Lars asked. I didn't have fear because I trusted him.''