Sigourney Weaver happy with older roles

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September 20th, 2011

Sigourney Weaver still thinks there are "lots of lovely parts" for older actresses.

The 61-year-old star insists that her advancing years doesn't mean an end to good roles as she believes truly great films will always have a wide range of interesting characters.

The 'Abduction' star said: "There are plenty of parts. Is it easy to get interesting parts for anyone? That's a different question. For women over 40, there are lots of lovely parts actually - because stories don't function based on just young people. There's always parts.

"I say this, coming from the theatre, is 'Abduction' has a great range of characters. A good story always has a good range of characters. "

Sigourney insists she doesn't always want to play the lead in each of her movies as she likes to be challenged with a variety of different roles.

She added in an interview with website MovieFanatic: "I've always loved going from playing the lead in one thing and supporting in another, comedy or drama. That's what gives me a workout so that I can be a real acting athlete. That's my goal, I like the different challenges."