Simon Pegg distracted by female co-stars

June 3rd, 2012

Simon Pegg has to ''remind'' himself he has a wife when making movies.

The 'How To lose Friends & Alienate People' actor feels lucky to have had so many attractive co-stars and constantly has to tell himself he is only playing a role when he gets close to beautiful actresses.

He said: ''I get to work with a lot of lovely girls. I have to keep reminding myself what a wonderful wife I have. When you have to kiss Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox, it's an odd profession to be in. You have to remember it's not because they like you.''

Simon also confessed to having a crush on Carrie Fisher and even queued with fans at a sci-fi convention in order to meet her.

He said ''I'm hoping to meet Carrie Fisher at a 'Singin' In The Rain' screening and Debbie Reynolds [Carrie's mother] is going to be there so maybe Carrie Fisher will be there.

''I met her once at Comic-con; I lined up with a whole bunch of fans to meet her, she had no idea who I was. I had a chat and walked off grinning.''