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'Play like the music doesn't matter.' The unbelievable true story of the band that gained massive east coast popularity in the late 1980s despite having a complete lack of musical talent and ambition. A powerful PR machine built their fame, and soon their primary objective was to invent new and creative ways to get kicked off stage without actually playing. Narrated by 'Alice Cooper', Skum ROCKS!, is a genre-bending film described by some as a true-life 'This is Spinal Tap', and by others as an independent 'Rock of Ages'. 'Skum Rocks!' chronicles the rise, fall, and return of this infamous band, giving new life to the tale of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

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2014-06-27 17:18

Director Clay Westervelt has been in the film making and television business for years and his new...

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I have officially seen the most unbelievable documentary so far this year. It is called “Skum Rocks!" and when you see it you will swear it is completely made up. I found proof...
Clay Westervelt has lent his talents to dozens of films and TV shows over the years including being a cinematographer on “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels”, and “My Shopping Addiction...

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