Ben Whishaw doesn't fear being typecast

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August 7th, 2014

Ben Whishaw doesn't fear being typecast now he has come out as a gay man.

The 33-year-old actor - famous for playing gadget wizard Q in James Bond movie 'Skyfall' - revealed he was homosexual last year, with his agent revealing he was in a civil partnership with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw.

Whishaw doesn't believe his openness about his sexuality will stop him from landing certain roles now.

Asked whether he worries about being pigeon-holed, Ben said: ''It's not a consideration for me, because gay characters are as varied and different as heterosexual characters.

''I've played all sorts of different people, so I don't see the need to balance them out.''

Whishaw says he never considers the sexuality of a character before accepting a role, explaining that his only real concern is whether the storyline is any good.

He told Time Out magazine: ''It's only worth doing anything if you believe in the story and the experience, there's nothing else to think about.''

Looking to the future, he is keen to test his talents by accepting different challenges.

He added: ''I'd like to try directing. I'm ambitious about making things. I'm not ambitious about getting places. I don't know where there is to get to, really. I used to be but I don't feel that at all now.''

Whishaw's next roles include playing iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury - who was homosexual - in a biopic and a lea part in 'Lilting', which tells the story of a man whose male partner dies and he is then left struggling to decide whether he should tell the mother about his and her son's relationship.

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