Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
November 12th, 2012

Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Fifty years after “Dr. No” (1962), “Skyfall” proves that James Bond still has what it takes to delight audiences. During the weekend of November 9th, “Skyfall” soared to the top of box office rankings, bringing in $87,800,000. In addition to the gross from an early IMAX release, the film has already earned $90 million. Daniel Craig stars as the debonair secret agent for the third time since “Casino Royale” (2006). After he is presumed dead, Agent 007 returns with a vengeance, ready to help his friend and colleague, M, untangle a plot that could threaten the fate of M16. “Skyfall” has a PG-13 rating for mature content, language, smoking, and intense violence and action sequences.

Continuing Films:

“Wreck-It Ralph” continues to charm video game lovers everywhere. The Disney animated film earned $33,056,000 during the weekend, bringing its total to over $93 million. Ralph and Vanellope have lots in common. Both video game characters dream of becoming heroes, but the odds are against them. When the two join forces, they might just have a chance at changing their fates. The PG rating is due to mild action and violence, plus some rude humor.

“Flight” brought in over $15 million, with overall earnings that equal more than $47 million. An airline pilot narrowly manages to save his passengers from a horrific crash. When authorities begin to investigate the incident and expose the pilot’s troubling professional and personal history, he finds his life spiraling into scandal. The gritty drama has an R rating for substance abuse, nudity, mature content, and an intense action sequence.

During its five weeks in theaters, Ben Affleck’s “Argo” has performed consistently well. The weekend of November 9th saw additional earnings of $6,745,000, bringing its total to over $85 million. The CIA has to turn to unorthodox measures to rescue six American expatriates from a dangerous hostage situation in Iran. Their plan involves a film crew and a fictional sci-fi movie, but it may be too risky. “Argo” has an R rating for violent images and language.

“Taken 2” earned $4 million in box office returns this weekend, with overall earnings now reaching more than $131 million. Bryan Mills reconnects with his ex-wife and daughter in Istanbul. Unfortunately, the family already has company waiting for them. Mills ends up in a struggle for his life, fighting against forces that he thought he had already neutralized. The PG-13 rating is due to some sensuality, as well as violence and action sequences.

Thanks to its earnings of $2,550,000 million, “Here Comes the Boom” landed in sixth place in box office rankings. A high school teacher wants to find a more fulfilling career, but he never imagines becoming a mixed martial arts champion. However, life has other plans for him, and soon the teacher is competing for his school and his future. The movie has earned over $39 million overall. The family-friendly film has a PG rating for rude humor, language, and sports violence.

“Cloud Atlas” squeaked in behind “Here Comes the Boom” with earnings of $2,525,000. Total profits now reach more than $22 million. In the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Hawaiian Islands, the few surviving humans learn about startling connections to the past. Five other stories span different timeframes, revealing the threads that bind human lives and stories together. The R rating is due to drug use, nudity, mature content, language, and violence.
Movies to DVD

“The Amazing Spider-Man” came to DVD and Blu-Ray on Friday, November 9th. In addition to navigating the high school social world, young Peter Parker has to deal with the mystery of his parent’s death. To make matters more complicated, their deaths may hold the key to his future. The superhero flick has a PG rating for violence and action.

“Brave” arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, November 13th. After a headstrong Scottish princess fights with her rule-abiding mother, she ends up making a rash decision that puts her entire family in danger. If the princess cannot find it in her heart to be truly brave, she may end up paying the consequences. The PG rating is due to rude humor and scary action.

“Savages” is a gritty film from Oliver Stone. Two friends have a lucrative, if unconventional, business model. However, a merciless Mexican drug cartel has them fighting for their livelihood and their lives. “Savages” is rated R for grisly violence, nudity, drug use, mature content, and language.

In “The Watch,” a group of bored husbands patrol the quiet streets of their suburban neighborhood. When they stumble across a terrifying alien plot, they will have to keep their wits about them if they want to save the world. The film’s R rating is due to mature content, including references, as well as pervasive language and violent imagery.