James Bond bosses on the lookout for new henchman

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Directed by Sam Mendes, Skyfall is the 23rd James Bond film. It features Daniel Craig in his third performance as the main character/action hero while Javier Bardem stars as the film's villain, Raoul Silva. The plot line follows as James Bond's loyalty to M is challenged over secrets from her past. When MI6 is attacked, it falls to Bond to seek out and eliminate the threat regardless of the cost to himself.
August 26th, 2014

Producers of the next James Bond film are searching for a physically ''imposing'' henchman.

A casting notice for the next film - which remains officially untitled, but is widely referred to as 'Bond 24' - is calling for a henchman in the mould of iconic Bond characters of the past.

The notice reads: ''We are looking to follow in the tradition of JAWS and ODDJOB in finding an iconic baddy.''

Producers are looking to hire someone in the role of Hinx, who is between 30 and 45-years-old and is above 6' 2''.

The notice added: ''We are looking for an imposing extremely physically fit actor. He has several fights with Bond and will have to have stunt training. He has to drive. We are looking for someone very unusual, possibly from a sports background.''

The upcoming movie will see Daniel Craig play the role of James Bond for the fourth time, with filming set to begin later this year.

Meanwhile, it recently emerged that Cara Delevingne wants to star in the next Bond film.

The 21-year-old supermodel is currently filming a Peter Pan movie alongside Hugh Jackman and is keen to follow her dream of being a Bond girl.

A source told The Sunday Mirror newspaper: ''Cara hinted she would love to be involved, but the makers of Bond had already started considering her as somebody they would be interested in.''