Judi Dench was frightened of director

February 24th, 2014

Dame Judi Dench refused to work with a director who ''frightened'' her on set.

The 79-year-old actress claims she is ''totally trusting of directors'' but fell out with one who made her feel uncomfortable and turned down the offer to work with him again.

Although the British icon didn't name the director, she told The Sunday Times magazine: ''On one film I didn't hit it off at all with the director. He made me increasingly frightened and uncomfortable, and of course then the lines started to go. But surprisingly, he asked me to do another film for him at the end and I said, 'You have to be joking!' I nearly ran him over in my car not too long ago. By mistake.''

But the 'Skyfall' star insists she rarely clashes with directors and will do whatever they ask of her during filming.

She said: ''Only yesterday the director of something I'm going to do asked, 'How do you like to work?' I said, 'Not in all my years -- 59 years or whatever that I've been working -- have I ever been asked by a director how I like to work. It's entirely your prerogative. I will do what you want me to do. Tell me and I'll try and do it as best I can.'''

The star says it's ''essential'' to create a back story when playing a character and she imagined a ''whole family'' for 'M' in the Bond movies.

She said: ''[I had] two grown-up girls at university, not that anybody knew about it, but I knew about it.''