New Releases this Weekend! What Will You See?

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment
February 21st, 2013

New Releases this Weekend! What Will You See?

Ric Roman Waugh directs "Snitch," an action thriller that arrives in theaters on Friday, February 22. Dwayne Johnson stars as John Matthews, a father whose life falls apart after his son, Jason, ends up in prison. Jason could spend up to a decade behind bars. The worst part is that John suspects his son was set up, an innocent pawn in a complex plot. To clear Jason's name and restore justice, John makes a bold decision. He will go undercover as a DEA agent. The film's PG-13 rating is due to violence and drug content.

"Dark Skies" is a sci-fi horror movie from director Scott Stewart. The Barrett family lives a peaceful, ordinary existence in their safe suburban neighborhood. When Lucy, Daniel, and their two young sons begin to experience unexplainable phenomena, however, they have to rethink everything they know about the universe. The eerie film has a PG-13 rating for terror, drug content, mature material, language, and violence, all involving teens.

"Inescapable" opens in limited theaters on February 22. Adib is eager to forget his past in the Middle East, but fate has other plans for him. When Adib learns that his daughter is in danger, he knows he has to make the trek back to Syria and rescue her. He soon discovers that his past is still waiting to haunt him. The movie is not rated. Ruba Nadda directs.

Carl Franklin directs "Bless Me, Ultima." Based on the novel by Rudolfa Anaya, this film illustrates the effects of World War II on a remote New Mexican town. When Antonio's parents agree to let his grandmother live with them, Antonio soon finds that she is a kindred spirit. His grandmother's unusual powers make her a controversial figure in the village. The film's PG-13 rating is due to violence and mature references.

Continuing Films

"A Good Day to Die Hard" is the latest addition to the "Die Hard" line-up. When Jack McClane ends up in deep trouble, his enemies have no idea who they are dealing with. Jack's father is John McClane, a ruthless cop. After John heads to Moscow to help his son, Russia may never be the same. The action-packed movie has an R rating for language and violence.

"Identity Thief" stars Jason Bateman as Sandy, a man who wakes up to find that somebody stole his identity out from under him. When he tracks down the thief, he thinks it will be easy to bring her to justice, but she has other plans. Both Sandy and the fake Sandy are in for a wild ride. The R rating is due to mature content and language. Seth Gordon directs.

"Safe Haven" is a heartwarming romantic drama from director Lasse Hallstršm. Katie tries to outrun a dark past by setting up a new life in a small and friendly town. Even as she puts down roots, though, her history threatens to catch up to her. Based on Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novel, the film has a PG-13 rating for thematic elements involving threatening behavior, as well as mature content and violence.

"Escape from Planet Earth" tells the story of two brothers who are not very similar. While Scorch Supernova is the brawn of the family, Gary is the brains. When Scorch ends up needing his brother's help, Gary will have to draw on bravery he did not know he had. Cal Brunker directs the family-friendly flick, which has a PG rating for mild rude humor and action sequences.

"Warm Bodies" offers a fresh and unexpected take on zombies, by exploring what would happen if a human and a zombie fell in love. Jonathan Levine directs this quirky romantic comedy about the surprising romance that blossoms between zombie R and human Julie, and the strange consequences it has for the entire undead world. Their love could transform everything if they are not careful. The movie is rated PG-13 for zombie violence and language.

"Beautiful Creatures" is a supernatural romance from director Richard LaGravenese. Lena is a Caster, born with supernatural talents. As her next birthday approaches, she must decide whether her powers will align with lightness or darkness. A romance with a local boy in her new town only makes Lena's life more complicated and uncertain. "Beautiful Creatures" has a PG-13 rating for scary images, mature content, and violence.

"Side Effects" tells the story of Emily and Martin, a young New York couple trying to recoup after Martin spent time in prison for insider trading. Emily seeks the help of a psychiatrist to overcome the anxiety that is ruling her life. After things rapidly start to spin out of control, and Emily is not sure if she can still save herself. Steven Soderbergh's tense thriller has an R rating for nudity, mature content, violence, and language.