Robin Williams loves vacation movie

November 29th, 2011

Robin Williams finds doing voiceover work like "a vacation".

The comedy star lends his vocal talents to character Ramon in 'Happy Feet Two' - which also features Elijah Wood and pop star Pink - and he admits he loves doing it because it is so easy.

He said: "Doing the voice is a gift. It's literally like a paid vacation where you go to Australia and work with these guys for two weeks and then come back.

"The weird thing is how long it takes - three years. I think when we did the first sessions, it was a year ago since we did the last session."

Robin particularly enjoyed recording the film with fellow stars Elijah and Sofia Vergara because they are both so "sweet".

He added to "It's really great coming back because it's the same people. All the amigos were these Latin comics and add to that Elijah who's the sweetest man in show business and on top of that you have Sofía Vergara. She's so sweet and so sexy and is just a gift! She makes the room 3-D! It was like a reunion."