Robin Williams praises Sofia's sexy voice

November 20th, 2011

Robin Williams says recording his vocal parts with Sofia Vergara for 'Happy Feet Two' was like having "phone sex".

The 60-year-old actor voices two characters, Ramon and Lovelace, in the animated 3D movie and he admits the days he got to work with the Columbian beauty - who provides the voice for Carmen - got him hot under the collar.

He joked: "The director George Miller actually gets a bunch of us together at once, so it's a highly reactive environment. It's Uranium 235, you know? And then on this one, Sofia Vergara walks in the room, too, and life gets really wonderful. Oh my God, doing those scenes, that's not acting, that's like phone sex."

Robin says recording the romantic scenes between his character Ramon and Sofia's Carmen were about as sexy as cartoon characters can get on screen.

In an interview with, he quipped: "Yes, well doing Ramon with her was very easy. You would sweat through shirts doing those scenes - she's like someone out of those old Warner Bros. cartoons, where the wolf's jaw drops open. Caliente!"