Spencer Locke loved natural look on Tarzan set

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August 22nd, 2014

Spencer Locke loved not having to wear make-up on the set of 'Tarzan'.

The 22-year-old actress starred as Jane in the action-adventure-animation remake of the Disney film last year and she's confessed it was a refreshing change to be able to shoot scenes without having to sit in hair and make-up for hours beforehand.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she explained: ''It was actually very freeing. No hair and make-up and no wardrobe because they add all of that in later.''

However, the blonde beauty admits she struggled to envision what the final scenes would look like while filming as the set was simply a blank canvas.

She continued: ''It was hard, though, as you're in this big grey building trying to imagine this crazy world around you whilst looking like an alien with the equipment on your head and body.''

Locke also opened up about rumours she is to reprise her role as K-Mart in the upcoming final instalment in the 'Resident Evil' film series, 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter', following her parts in 'Resident Evil: Extinction' (2007) and 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' (2010).

Quizzed on whether she'd been asked to return to the zombie apocalypse series, she said: ''I know as much as the Internet does! Fingers crossed. I would love to play K-Mart again.''

'Tarzan' is available on Blu-ray 2D/3D, DVD and digital download on August 25, courtesy of Entertainment One.