10 Characters to Expand the "Spider-Man" Film Universe

Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
May 6th, 2014

Although many of the great secondary characters from the Marvel Comics Spider-Man series have already appeared in the various film versions of Peter Parker's adventures, including the Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom. Electro and Lizard, there are several vibrant characters who have not yet made it to the big screen. These characters could be vehicles for great drama as the second trilogy moves to its last film. Listed below are some possibilities.


Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment

1. Madam Web

Although in the Spider-Man films, the character of Peter Parker depends on the support, affection and advice of love interests Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, the series has lacked other notable secondary female characters. One of the most mysterious and dynamic female characters from the comic books series, Madam Web, could change this. Web is a mutant suffering from a debilitating physical disease that forces her to rely on a spider-web-like life support system to keep alive. From her weakened physical position, Madam Web utilizes supernatural psychic and mental powers to combat the powers of evil.


black-cat.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

2. Black Cat

Mysterious and intriguing, Black Cat is one of the most interesting female superheroes in the Marvel universe. The daughter of a cat burglar who, after being raped in college, decides she must learn how to protect herself, Black Cat becomes a martial arts master and sets her sites on eliminating the criminal underworld. She has a sometimes unsteady alliance with Spider-Man that often results in dynamic conflicts.


moon-knight.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

3. Moon Knight

Trained as heavyweight boxer and U.S. Marine, Marc Spector is left to die in an Egyptian desert after trying to thwart the robbing of an archaeological dig. He is found by a group of Egyptians, brought to a temple and, after seemingly passing away, asked to become the earthly avatar of an Egyptian god. Spector develops multiple identities, including the mysterious superhero Moon Knight.


carnage.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

4. Carnage

One of the more notorious supervillains in the comic book series, Carnage is a serial killer who leaves the tag "Carnage" in blood on each of his murder victims. He has been captured several times, but his stints in prison have only helped him to create more criminal alliances. Less supernatural and more life-like than other supervillains, Carnage is a reminder of the great potential for evil that exists in man.


morbius.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

5. Morbius

In contrast to Carnage, Morbius is a truly supernatural character. He is a Nobel laureate chemist who developed vampirism and the thirst for blood after trying to cure himself of a rare blood disease. Morbius is very powerful, and Spider-Man is often forced to team up with other villains to defeat him. His addition to the film franchise could lead to a fresh interpretation of the vampire myth.


blade.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

6. Blade

Any film that features a vampire needs the world's greatest vampire hunter. Blade has appeared in various Marvel Comics series. In one instance he even saved Spider-Man from a deadly vampire bite. Blade's appearance in the Spider-Man film universe would be a reinterpretation of the character who has already appeared on the big screen played by Wesley Snipes.


punisher.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

7. The Punisher

One of the major themes of the Spider-Man film trilogies has been the nature and consequences of vengeance. Few characters in the comic book series bring this theme to life as dynamically as the Punisher. After having his family slaughtered by the mob, the Punisher seeks out vengeance on the criminals responsible for the murders and others like them. He is a unique crime fighter without the principles of the classic superheroes, and his addition to the Spider-Man films would bring an interesting moral and ethical dynamic.



kingpin.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

8. Kingpin

One of Spider-Man's greatest adversaries, Kingpin is a classic New York mob boss in the vein of Tony Soprano. Ruthless and Machiavellian, like many other characters in the Marvel comic universe, both villains and superheroes, he is also a master at seeming to be something that he is not. He donates money to charities and poses as an upstanding member of the community.


kraven.pngPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

9. Kraven the Hunter

The son of Russian immigrants, Kraven is a big-game hunter who makes Spider-Man his number one prey. Evil and relentless in his attempts to kill Spider-Man, his failures lead him to continually team up with other supervillains. He is even known to impersonate Spider-Man on occasion. The character of Kraven the Hunter, unlike others, maintains a consistent identity throughout all of his appearances in the Spider-Man comic books.


daredevil.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment
10. Daredevil

Another character who has already appeared on the big screen, as portrayed by Ben Affleck, Daredevil is a superhero who was blinded by a radioactive substance that also heightened his other senses. Completely fearless and unwavering in his battle against crime, Daredevil has made various appearances in the Spider-Man comic books series and is known for fighting many of the same supervillains Spider-Man routinely goes up against. Daredevil could serve as a rich dramatic foil to Spider-Man.

The Marvel Comics series is replete with characters who have yet to make an appearance in the Spider-Man film trilogies. The characters listed above would not only serve to bring new life into the film series, but their stories share many of the same themes and dramatic issues prevalent in the Spider-Man trilogies.