Danny Boyle's 28 Months Later?

October 12th, 2010

Danny Boyle may return to the '28 Days Later' franchise for the third film.

The Oscar-winning director has confirmed he would like to be involved in the project - tentatively entitled '28 Months Later' - after the second movie was helmed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

According to DreadCentral.com, Boyle said: "There's another '28 Days Later' in the works."

Asked if he wanted to be involved as a producer, he said: "Actually, I want to direct it."

The first movie tells the tale of a group of survivors of a mystery disease - which has spread across the UK - attempting to discover what has happened and fight off those infected, while the second movie sees the US army helping to secure a small area of London for survivors to repopulate.

Possible casting, a timescale or a storyline for '28 Months Later' has not been announced.

Boyle is currently promoting his fellow numerically-entitled film '127 Hours' with James Franco, which caused some people to faint with graphic scenes of self-amputation at the Toronto Film Festival.