Chris Pine was never a Trekkie

April 4th, 2013

Chris Pine ''wasn't a fan'' of 'Star Trek' until he landed the role of Captain Kirk.

The actor plays the fearless star ship commander in the sci-fi franchise reboot, but had no long-standing love for the series - which has been made into films and TV shows since the 1966 - before he was involved.

He told Esquire magazine: ''I wasn't a fan of 'Star Trek'. It didn't excite me.

''All I wanted at that time was a part that I really connected to and when my agent said, 'Star Trek?' I said, 'No! Have you not been hearing anything I've said? Star Trek is the furthest thing from what I want to do.' ''

Once Pine, 32, was offered the lead role in J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot - which he has reprised for this year's 'Star Trek Into Darkness' - he couldn't resist the opportunity to take on such a well-loved character.

He added: '' 'Star Trek' scared me a lot. It terrified me, really. Because of the scale, the responsibility, the fact that it was this iconic character. It was the bigger challenge. So I had to take it.''

Although he is now a household name, Pine admits he still misses the time before he made it big, and how ''focused'' trying to make it as an actor made him.

He said: ''Before, it was so much easier. You had this Zen-like tunnel vision of, 'Must work at all costs.' It's so wonderfully focusing.

''The excitement doesn't compare to when I got my first movie ten years ago. That was a pretty amazing day.''

'Star Trek Into Darkness' is in cinemas from May 17.