Chris Pine's Oscar nerves

November 7th, 2010

Chris Pine got drunk before presenting at the Oscars.

The 'Star Trek' actor thinks the show was one of his career highlights, but he admits he was petrified about the prospect of going on stage to hand out an award.

He explained: "The Oscars were absolutely terrifying. Awesome. But petrifying. I was a presenter and I was downing vodkas in the back praying to God I wouldn't f**k up."

The 30-year-old star also admitted he was "intimidated" working with Denzel Washington on their new movie 'Unstoppable'.

Speaking about their first meeting, he said: "Man, I was nervous about that. Knowing I was going to go head to head with Denzel on the entire film, it was incredibly intimidating, but like they say, 'If it scares you, you've got to face it."

'Unstoppable' follows two railway workers who try to stop a runaway train carrying dangerous chemicals.

Chris was willing to tackle his own stunts but opted against anything which could have resulted in serious injury.

He admitted to Britain's Glamour magazine: "I tried to do as many as I could but it's a hairy thing with those trains, because it's not like doing a fight scene with another person where you can say, 'Stop'. You're dealing with three tons of fast-moving trains.

"I hear that Tom Cruise does every single one of his stunts, but I decided if it's going to endanger my life, I'm giving it up to the guys who know what they're doing."